Family raising funds for marrow transplant

Danielle Ballard, with her family, needs help to fight cancer. Photo provided

Danielle Ballard of Clarkston is the main caregiver for her young brothers and sister, but after two cancer diagnoses, she is in need of assistance.
She’s been approved for a bone marrow and stem cell transplant, so she is raising money through to cover the costs of the procedure.
The Ballard siblings are a close family that has relied on each other since their father’s passing in 2013. Oldest sister Danielle adopted her four young brothers and sisters and worked to provide them with everything they need.
Now, after a cancer diagnosis, Danielle is need of help and is raising money through to receive a bone marrow transplant.
In 2016, Danielle was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. The cancer had spread throughout her back and to several vertebrae. She had to go through chemotherapy and surgery to have brackets put in her spine to replace bones that had already deteriorated.
During this time, she was also diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a different type of cancer that affects plasma cells. Since these diagnoses, Danielle has had to give up her dream of becoming an FBI agent so she can focus on healing.
“Some days it’s a struggle. The hardship that cancer brings to a family is immeasurable, but know you have love and understanding from your family is a key to success while battling cancer,” she said.
Due to the aggressive nature of her cancer, Danielle will need a bone marrow and stem cell transplant.
After being on the donor list for 18 months, she learned a donor match was found and started preparing for the procedure with a strong dose of chemotherapy.
To help offset the cost of treatment and recovery, she has created an online fundraiser through, a fee-free fundraising website sponsored by WoodmenLife.
She hopes to raise $20,000 to have the procedure and begin the healing process.
This fundraiser will be available through Aug. 31.

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