Fife “fun”damentals

Dan Fife watched as young basketball players honed their skills last week.
Fife, who retired as head coach for Clarkston Boys Varsity Basketball early last fall, was back in the gym for Fife Fundamental Basketball Camp, for boys going into grades fourth through sixth.
“I like seeing the kids,” he said. “I like to watch them grow and watch their enthusiasm. Some play in McGrath League, but not all of them so for some this is the first time for these kids. The whole idea is getting it to where they like it, and they play it on their own. Then, they have a place to go where people can coach them. They don’t have to necessarily play on a team and be structured all the time. I don’t think kids play enough without structure where they actually see the game. They need structure but they need to learn how to play first.”
Campers learned fundamentals of the game and participated in five versus five games and contest – Free Throws, Lightning, Hot Shot and One on One. Instructors included Fife, current head coach Tim Wasilk, the boys basketball coaching staff and varsity players.
The camp is held through Clarkston Community Education and Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors. To find more activities, visit
— Wendi Reardon Price