Five running for trustee seats in Springfield Township

Three positions are unopposed in Springfield Township as Laura Moreau is running for Supervisor; Sean R. Miller for Clerk; and Jamie L. Dubre for Treasurer. All positions are for 4-year terms.
There are four seats available for Trustee with five candidates running:
Donna M. Lopez, Democrat candidate, is running for the first time.
What two goals do you hope to accomplish as trustee? The two goals I hope to accomplish as trustee is to give a new fresh female voice to represent the community about issues that confront Springfield Township and allow the community transparency, updates and a connection to the Board other than only board meetings.
Why do you want to be a Trustee? I am running on a bipartisan ticket giving voters a chance to have another party’s viewpoint and representing the Township on a Board that has more power and responsibility in decision making than the community at large realizes.
Dave Hopper, Republican candidate, is re-running.
What are two goals you hope to accomplish as trustee? Ensure needed services with fiscal responsibility as well as focus on planning, and preservation of natural resources. State revenue funds are expected to be decreased this year, likely necessitating the need for an evaluation and amendment to the current Township budget to account for these changes. It is important to ensure Township services remain high quality including police and fire services that keep pace with needs.
Continue to support the use of design techniques for commercial and residential developments that protect natural resources, link green space, include safety paths and manage surface and ground water.
Why do you want to run for another term as trustee? As a Springfield Township Board member for 20 years and Planning Commissioner, I am interested in continuing actions that maintain fiscal responsibility and support the level of services that make Springfield Township a special place. I would continue to promote Dixie Highway improvements that are orderly, safe and visually appealing.
My vision for Springfield Township includes efforts to balance development with natural resource protection. I know that development is going to occur but if done properly we can maintain the rural atmosphere that Springfield Township residents’ value.
In addition, it is important to maintain fire and police services at a level that meets the needs of the township. Through my past actions, I have shown I am committed to these values. Springfield Township is a special place that is highly desirable due to its unique natural resources, historic and rural atmosphere, all of which are worth preserving. It is important the Township government representatives maintain these attributes.
Dennis Vallad, Republican candidate, re-running.
What are two goals you hope to accomplish as trustee?
I would like to see the new board work together as an effective team in much the same way as our current board. With a new supervisor (our current clerk), a new clerk with minimal exposure to township government, and one (possibly two) new trustees, I would like to help mold the board into a cohesive team. Second, I see a need to reconstruct our strategic plan in light of changes made necessary by the pandemic, especially as it concerns our capital improvement projects.
Why do you want to run for another term as trustee? I would like another term as trustee as I feel there is uncompleted work left to be done. This references the Mill Pond Dam removal project being done in conjunction with the County. Also, I still enjoy being part of the group to set direction of Springfield Township going forward.
Marc Cooper is re-running as well and Jason Pliska is running for trustee for the first time. Both are Republican candidates. Answers to questions from The Clarkston News were not received by time of print.

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