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Sometimes you get e-mail that makes you blush. And, while I am not talking about those XXX rated e-mails you think I’m talking about. No, naked women aside, once in a while a reader sends me something that is really, uhm, embarrassing.
W-a-a-y back in March I received an e-mail from a Lake Orion High School graduate who now is a broadcast/theater type at Central Michigan University. Said student, Greg Ott, sent me a three-minute video project he completed while at Lake Orion High. The title: Video Tribute to Don’t Rush Me.
I didn’t know what was going on. Didn’t know if something v-e-r-y bad was going to unfold before my very own eyes on the computer monitor. Didn’t know if it was going to be ‘blue? or if somebody was just going to yell at me. So, in private, I first opened the mail — no need to give sons Shamus, 8, and Sean, 6 an early education.
I clicked the start button and the video started.
‘He’s the type of guy when you first meet him, he’s not like everybody else . . . you kind of wonder what’s going on,? a young man with big sideburns told the camera.
Cut away to another strapping young lad, ‘If it weren’t for him I would not be where I am today ? alive.?
Cut to a black screen with two words in white:
Don Rush
* * *
Ah, yes. Youth. The video was/is family friendly. I thought Greg and his classmates actually did a good job on their ‘documentary.? At least the production value was good and I hope they got a good grade (if not, they were robbed!).
It’s all tongue in cheek with such lines as, ‘I am now a successful person because of Don Rush and the lessons he can teach us all.? That was from Kevin Hoban.
In closing, the sideburned guy, Chase Moore tells viewers, ‘I hope some day, when my kids are older that I’ll be able to leave an impression on them like he’s left on me — be able to teach them what he’s taught me.?
Gripping stuff . . . I’m all choked up. If you want to check it out go to and then click on Don’t Rush Me. Open this column up and

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