Going to the birds

The next meeting of the Clarkston Area Backyard Birders Club is Sept. 28 at 6:30 p.m. from the Wint Nature Center, located at 9501 Sashabaw Road.
“We’re fortunate to be able to meet in the spacious natural surroundings of Independence Oaks County Park and especially in the outstanding facilities of Wint Nature Center,” said club member Bill Haney. “There is a big backlog of unusual sightings and striking behaviors of backyard birds to share reports about, so we’ll devote our meeting to that, as well as other news and questions we’ll try to answer.
“As cooler weather approaches, there are always questions about what to feed our backyard birds as fall migration begins. We’ll have some tips on that and invite your views on what works best for you and your birds through the transitional season and into the winter months.”
The club’s popular Wally’s Raffle will feature “something really special this month,” said Haney, and Mary Kraut will indulge the club with her homemade treats to go along with A.J. O’Neil’s Detroit Bold Coffee.
No charges or fees of any kind. Dress comfortably and bring a friend.
For more information, email cabbclub@gmail.com.

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