Grey’s Anatomy operates on emotions

By Ava Carter
Grey’s Anatomy is a television series with educational medical situations happening, lots of life lessons, and a wild rollercoaster filled with emotions.
This TV series will have you laughing, crying, and hooked. Most people are hooked after 1-2 episodes. Grey’s Anatomy was created by Shonda Rhimes.
Meredith Grey( played by Ellen Pompeo) is an inspiring surgeon, who got to learn from the best, (her mother) Dr. Elis Grey before she got sick.
The show mirrors what it’s like to be a surgical intern and their medical mentors personally and professionally. Most of the action takes place in Seattle Grace Hospital, where Meredith and her peers face obstacles, first as interns striving to become residents at Seattle Grace and later as residents that must define their career paths while guiding multiple interns of their own.
Grey’s Anatomy will have you crying your eyes out, laughing til you can’t any more, or even both. Lots of advice and lovely things and inspiring quotes are in this tv series.
The cast of Grey’s Anatomy all started out as interns, and they all worked their way up and got to be the kind of surgeon they want.
The main character  Meredith Grey, and other fellow interns/attendings are April Kepner (Sarah Drew), Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), Christina Yang (Sandra Oh), Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and George O’Malley (T.R Knight).
Working at Seattle Grace, hospital staff members make friendships, romance, family, and life lessons seem so easy to handle in difficult situations, but it’s very hard when you work in a place where you are most of your life with people dying all the time.
The series has a lot of emotional, inspiring, and scary scenes.
They are not just learning how to operate on patients, they are figuring out how to operate life, and balance their work-life with regular life, and happiness in helping others feel better.
Shonda Rhimes said, “Some medical shows go with pure adrenaline drama, but Grey’s Anatomy is trying to walk the line in the middle and give you a little bit of both.”
There are some sexual/inappropriate scenes throughout the series, but it is rated PG13 and lots of people/parents say it’s a great, educational show for teens and adults.
The show is filled with lots and lots of drama, you will stay entertained at the edge of your seat while watching Greys Anatomy.
There are also weird medical cases such as bombs being removed from one’s chest,  a person with toxic blood, a girl who couldn’t feel pain, and many more but you will have to watch to find out!
Another great thing about Grey’s Anatomy is the soundtrack, always playing good songs that make you think, “what’s the name of that song?”
Grey’s Anatomy is a great educational TV show for everyone, You’d find it interesting just give it a try.
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