Guest Viewpoint: Thankful for local landscapers

Landscaping is a tough business, especially in the last three years.
Depot Park has had the benefit of local companies maintaining and beautifying our raised flowerbeds along Depot Road at no cost to the taxpayers.
Some landscapers that served Depot Park in years past have, sadly, gone out of business. The remaining quality companies have staying-power and durable reputations. Again in 2022, they will be maintaining our raised gardens.
Clarkston Landscape & Design
Distinctive Landscape
Lowrie’s Landscape
We at the city thank and endorse the above companies and encourage our residents to use their creative talents at their homes and businesses.
Also, our local land conservancy, Blue Heron Headwaters Conservancy, is partnering with the Village of Clarkston to maintain the beautiful natural areas in Depot Park.
There are two native plantings in Depot Park which protect the water quality in the Mill Race; the rain garden from City Hall and the west bank of the Mill Race.  These native plants were installed to provide pollinator habitat, reduce erosion of these steep banks, and beautify the park and waterway. The original rain garden was planted in 2006 and has won awards and statewide recognition, and was recently extended to the Mill Race. Blue Heron Headwaters Conservancy has the expertise to recognize the native species from sprouts to blooms, and is maintaining these native plantings in 2022.
The City of Clarkson, a Clinton River Watershed Council “Watertown,” is blessed to have quality providers of both domestic and natural species to adorn and protect Depot Park.
— Eric Haven, Clarkston Mayor

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