HEALTH: 7 tips to optimize health, wellness

By Frank J. Granett
The National Health Council and The Institute of Medicine published a study ranking 17 industrialized countries including European block countries, Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States.
The health rank in the US was dead last. Americans die from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and drug overdosing more than the other countries combined.
According to the C.D.C., there are approximately 30 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes. More importantly, 89 million are estimated to have pre-diabetes, and are unaware.
Since the release of this alarming study, Americans have responded by investing in their health rather than waiting for chronic illnesses to develop.
Health and Wellness is one of the fastest growing business trends in America.
Business experts predict by the year 2020, the Health and Wellness market will exceed one trillion dollars. The question is, how can families in the US prevent chronic illnesses from developing and if a chronic illness exists how can symptoms of the condition be reversed?
Family genetic history actually accounts for a very small percentage involving the onset of chronic disease in the US. Nutrition and lifestyle habits account for approximately 95 percent.
The average American diet is toxic and is the critical marker to help families optimize Health and Wellness. Additionally, proactive lifestyle habits must be addressed if optimization of health is desired.
• Become proactive in your family’s health by encouraging exercise. Your skin is the largest organ system in the human body and effectively eliminates toxins from the body . . . if you sweat. If you choose to walk, pick up the pace for at least 40 minutes.
• You are . . . who you hang with. Do not surround yourself with negative people. Negative health will come knocking on your door. Surround yourself and your family with people who make you laugh and have positive energy . . . .life is short.
• Reversal of chronic disease symptoms is possible. Many chronic illnesses have a direct correlation to blood sugar regulation involving hormone and insulin balance. If a chronic diagnosis exists, seek the advice of a healthcare practitioner specializing in blood analysis and hormone balance specific to the diagnosed illness.

7 Health & Wellness Intervention tips:
1. encourage yeast-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free diet & increase fiber to 40grams daily . . . .Excessive consumption of yeast, gluten and GMO foods adversely affect digestion and elimination of toxins from the G.I. tract. Fiber helps regulate blood sugar as well as detoxification.
2. drink at least 40 ounces cold purified or distilled water . . . have your home water supply tested annually by an independent laboratory for chemicals as well as heavy metals
3. increase raw organic radishes and broccoli with sea salt  three times a week….isothionates contained within these vegetables help eliminate yeast from the gut and G.I. tract
4. take one tablespoonful raw organic apple cider vinegar  once a day with small amount cold juice. Malic acid is the key ingredient to help decalcify the blood, increase digestion, metabolism and detoxification as well as increase the intracellular process of energy production. At three times the daily dose malic acid may help patients with fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
5. ¼ teaspoonful crushed cloves mixed into applesauce at bedtime 2x a week . . . intestinal parasite prevention.
6. cardio exercise four times a week …. 40 minutes each session.
7. Supplement your diet with plant based vitamins, minerals and herbs. Patients with chronic illness should have new blood work and physical completed after approximately two months of a Health and Wellness Intervention.
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Frank is a board certified pharmacist with over 28 years consultative experience specializing in ADHD stimulant and psychiatric medications. He is the author of The American Epidemic:Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth , founder of the 501c3 non-profit educational charity Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth (CAOOY), and Director of Pharmacy Operations at an adult psychiatric hospital in southeast Michigan.

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