Honors for Everest athletes

Each year, athletes are honored for achievements in their respective sports by the Catholic High School League coaches.
A number of Clarkston Everest Collegiate athletes achieved All-Academic, All-League, and All-Catholic honors in the Detroit Catholic High School League.
For cross country, Avery Herrgott was named All-League; and Caroline Cross, Alyse Felix, Eve Herrgott and Theresa Waller were named All-Catholic.
For volleyball, Isabella Neiman was named All-Academic and All-League; Michelle Villella was named All-League; Sally McGrath and Daniella Mirjah were named All-Catholic.
For soccer, Emiliano Ramirez was named All-Academic; Dominic Cross, John Morrison and Joseph Thibodeau were named All-League; Anthony Felix, Lucas Cross and Luke Walker were named All-Catholic.
For football, Stephen Czach was named All-Academic; Aidan Beauchamp, Johnny Nedwick, Diego Ramirez, Joseph Thibodeau were named All-League; Dominic Cross, Jack Lasceski, Giovanni Mastromatteo, Michael McGrath, James Neme and John Suran were named All-Catholic.

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