Honors for math and science

Clarkston Foundation for Public Education presented Recognition Awards for Mathematics and Science to Sashabaw Middle School, Clarkston Junior High School, Clarkston High School, and Renaissance High School students, April 26.
“They all share a love for learning and an outstanding work ethic,” said high school Principal Gary Kaul. “A confluence of natural gifts and hard work. Keep working on these gifts. They will take you very far in life.”
“They have a universal passion for the subject, a notion of hard work, and engagement that will serve them through their whole life,” said Interim Superintendent Shawn Ryan.
Mathematics award winners include 10th graders Tim O’Daniel, Hannah Cady, and Madison Dryden; 11th graders Andrew Culver, Grace Nolan, and Valentina Vargas; 12th graders Luke Quilliams, Karolina Oronowicz, and Austin Schmitz; Renaissance High School 12th grader Bethany Scharf; Eighth graders Olivia Richie and Joseph Dean; ninth graders Olivia Torres, Owen Kolean, and Grace Sielinski; sixth graders Meghan Quach and Andrew Floros; and seventh graders Katherine Speer and Luke Spicer.
Science award winners include 10th graders Richard Budny, Allison Osborn, and Lily Craighead; 11th graders Jeremy Cavallo, Madeline Merritt, and Drew Stark; 12th graders Jillian Haas, Justin Osborn, and Matt Heilman; Renaissance High School 12th grader Jordan Stepp; eighth graders Justin Rosenberg and Audrey Parker; ninth graders Nate Fender, Olivia Simofi-Ilyes, and Matthew Drutis; sixth graders Luke Jeung and Abigail Brumbaugh; and seventh graders Ava Gushen and Jake Flaviani.