Ignorance is bliss when dealing with government

Dear Editor,
If I were a Democrat, I would be sooooo very proud.
Proud illegal immigrant children on the border have to live in such poor conditions.
Proud of all the people of the world, along with their health issues and diseases, coming into our country. Think TB, HIV, measles, and Ebola.
Proud I have resisted all good things by a duly elected president of the United States. Proud America now has an open border. Proud I can’t think beyond impeachment.
Proud we cheated Bernie in 2016 with SUPER delegates. Proud we sold 20 percent of our uranium to Russia! Proud we investigated Trump four times. Proud to change the culture of the entire country.
Proud to vote Congress a pay increase, for what? Proud to have dumbed down our education system to the lowest common denominator – a high school diploma prior to 1968 is equal to a college degree today.
Proud we can’t pay attention to what is going on around our country or the world, because we’re too busy with childish political games. Proud to put my party before the country. Proud to allow China to basically take over the Bahamas, Panama, old Russian bases in Cuba and now starting on South and Central America.
Proud we have allowed the Communist Party to do what they said they would do back in the 50s. Take down America from within.
Ahhhhh, ignorance is bliss.
Think about it.
The people who say a Socialist system is better than a Capitalist system are fooling non-thinking people.
First, Capitalism is a “financial” system, which allows us to buy what we like and to own property. Socialism is a “government” system, which is controlled by the government; taking away the freedoms you currently have, to buy and own.
Think about it.
Those who say we have a failing capitalist system are fooling non-thinking people. The middle class has been dwindling for 20 years due to outsourcing all of our manufacturing, through failed Socialist trade deals. This shipped jobs overseas or Mexico; also stopped all apprenticeship programs and began the two class system; rich elites and poorer people.
These deals did exactly what they were meant to do. Think about it.
Terry Hunt
Independence Township

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