Ind Twp Board, 7-10-18

TAKEN BY THE TOWNSHIP BOARD THE CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF INDEPENDENCE JULY 10, 2018 A. A Regular Meeting of the Charter Township of Independence Board was called to order at 6:01 p.m. Independence Township Hall B. The Pledge of Allegiance was by led by Ben McGrath, of Troop #377. C. ROLL CALL: Present: Kittle, Pallotta, Brown, Aliaga, Loughrin, Ritchie, Schroeder Absent: None Also Present: Kimberly Feigley, Director of Assessing; David McKee, DPW Director; Derek Smith, PR&S Director; Steven Joppich, Johnson, Rosati, Schultz & Joppich, P.C. There was a quorum present: D. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: As presented. E. CLOSED SESSION / BUDGET SESSION / STUDY SESSION: None F. BOARD/PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS: None G. PUBLIC COMMENT: None H. PUBLIC HEARING: 1. 1st Public Hearing: North Sashabaw Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project; Resolutions 3 & 4 Special Assessment District I. PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS: 1. Report: Supervisor’s Update – None J.  CARRYOVER / POSTPONED AGENDA ITEMS: None K. CONSENT AGENDA: 1. Approval of the Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Minutes of June 19, 2018 2. Approval of the July 3, 2018 Check Run ($1,264,510.45), Ratified the June 29, 2018 Payroll ($290,771.51) 3. Approval of 2018 Budget Amendment #26 – Transfer of Fund Balance from the Fire Millage Fund to the Capital Projects Fund 4. Ratification of Proclamation – 2018 Commemoration of Active Duty Military Personnel L. ITEMS REMOVED FROM THE CONSENT AGENDA: None M. REGULAR BUSINESS: 1. Adoption of Resolutions 3 & 4 – Sashabaw Road Sanitary Sewer Special Assessment District 2. Approval of Ballot Language – Road Infrastructure Improvement Millage 3. Approval of Introduction and 1st Reading – Chapter 11 – Community Development; Article II Corridor Improvement Authority; Section 11-20 4. Approval of License Agreement – Paddle Grounds, LLC 5. Approval of Interlocal Agreement – Independence Township / City of the Village of Clarkston Clarkston M-15 Safety Path Connector 6. Approval of 1st Amendment – Waterford-Independence Sanitary Sewage Services Contract – No action taken 7. Approval of Emergency Purchase and Budget Adjustment – Chestnut Road Pumphouse 8. Approval of Purchase and Budget Adjustment DPW Trailer 9. Award of Bid and Approval of Contract – Safety Path Maintenance 10. Approval of Memorandum of Understanding Miracle League of North Oakland 11. Adoption of Resolution – Governmental Non-ERISA Retirement Plan N. COMMUNICATIONS / FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS / REPORTS: 1. Report: 2nd Quarter Financial Report – June 30, 2018 (Wendy Hillman, Finance Director) 2. Report: Oakland County Sheriff’s Department Monthly Report – May 2018 3. Report: Independence Township Fire Department Activity Report – January 1, 2018 – May 31, 2018 4. Minutes: Senior Adult Activity Center Advisory Committee-Draft – May 9, 2018 – Supervisor Kittle invited Shelley Prebenda to speak before the Board regarding neglected animals in a family owned kennel within the Township O. BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS: None P. ADJOURNMENT: The Regular Meeting adjourned at 7:16 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Barbara A. Pallotta, CMC Township Cler

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