Independence Township creates ‘Help’ line


The on-going COVID – 19 pandemic and recent Stay at Home
order by our Governor has everyone stressed out. Here’s a bit of
information that hopefully will put you at ease.
Of course, if you have a real emergency … dial 911.
But if you’re scared and home alone during these troubling times
and just need some help, the Township has created a helpline
that is staffed 24/7 just for you.  Dial 248 519 4410 or email
HELP@INDTWP.COM and a member of our Fire Department will
take your call / email and address your concerns.

For example, if you have no support nearby, the Fire Department will deliver
needed food, pick up your prescription or provide some other
needed service.

Keeping everyone safe is our #1 priority.  If you need some help,
please give us a call.



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