JESSICA’S JOURNAL: Farewell to Palace

Though I’m sure many Clarkstonites grew up with Pine Knob/DTE as their primary music theater, I grew up closer to The Palace.
I attended my first concert there (Britney Spears) as a child and I’ve recently attended the last concert at The Palace, Bob Seger on Sept. 23.
He gave quite a performance, playing all of the hits along with some rarely played classics of his and giving the audience two encores.
The performance ended with a video commemorating many of the great events at The Palace, from unforgettable Pistons Games, Rock n’ Roll concerts, and some shows by music artists that truly knew how to entertain.
Bob Seger was a great send off for The Palace, a true Michigan staple among our state’s several concert venues and one of the best arenas in the NBA. No one could do it justice as well as a fellow Michigander.
Skip forward a bit to this past week, when I attended one of the first concerts at Little Ceasers Arena, Paul McCartney on October 2.
Waking up the morning of the concert I anticipated to be excited and impatient for the day to pass. The Beatles are my favorite band, so seeing Sir Paul is never short of amazing for me.
On the contrary, I woke up that morning to the awful news of what had happened in Las Vegas and went through the day upset and questioning life.
I was shocked the country had been terrorized with another mass shooting and my heart hurt, for the shooter’s victims and their families, as well as for America. I hope changes can be made to prevent these types of horrible atrocities in the future.
Though the day was terrible for so many people, something Paul said before the concert really stuck out to me. He said though the day had been tragic, we were going to spend that night celebrating life and hope.
And then I enjoyed a truly great night listening to one of my idols play for nearly three hours. And I remembered how powerful music can be and its ability to bring a stadium full of people together in the aftermath of tragedy.

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