Lake racers

Team RUSH 27 students in Team 1 – France and Team 6 – America faced each other once again during the RUSH Regatta at Deer Lake Beach.
After racing each other in the first round during the cardboard and duct tape boat race, they competed in a rematch in the championship round.
They stayed within centimeters of each other until Team 1 pulled away and quickly distanced themselves to win the race.

Team 6 and Team 8 collide during the semifinal race. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

Fans from the beach watched five of eight boats move on to the second round while three sank during their first round on the water.
While the students built cardboard and duct tapes boats, they also called around for sponsorships, which is used during the robotics season for travel expenses, hotels, food and competition fees. They raised over $70,000 in sponsorships. See photos in the July 17, 2019 edition

2019 RUSH Regatta Winners
RUSH Cup: Team 1
Enterprising & Seaworthy: Team 8
Cash Crusaders: Team 3
Wicked Fast Watercraft: Team 6
Best Theme: Team 4
~Wendi Price

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