Learning about the law

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Clarkston Optimist Larry Rosso helped organize the Respect for Law program for Clarkston students.

Students learned a lot about the legal system during Clarkston Area Optimist’s Respect for Law program. For one, trials aren’t like they are on television.
“It’s definitely a lot less dramatic than on TV,” said Kendall Hime, eighth grade student. “Lawyers ask a lot more questions.”
“There’s more yelling on TV,” said Marco Pacifico, ninth grader.
The program included a visit to Judge Joe Fabrizio’s courtroom in the 52-2 District Court. They observed some civil case proceedings and asked questions of the judge.
“I was really impressed – the kids had their thinking caps on,” said Optimist Gerry Schmidt. “It was great to be around them.”
“It was interesting to see who lawyers asked questions to,” Pacifico said.
“Things take a long time for cases to reach the court, and the whole case process,” Hime said. “They ask a lot of detailed questions.”
– Phil Custodio

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Guest speaker Elliot Parnes, J.D., discussed child protective services with the Respect for Law students. Photos by Phil Custodio