Lessons about dangers of text-and-driving

Everest students learned how texting and driving don’t mix, with the help of a driving simulation. They had to direct a virtual car while answering texts sent by educators.
“I was going all over – I just crashed,” said student Lucas Denigris.
“I thought I could do it, but once I tried to message, it was really hard,” said classmate Jimmy Neme. “I’ll just turn the phone off.”
International Save A Life Tour visited Everest Collegiate High School and Academy, April 19, with the simulators and a video presentation featuring people whose lives were shattered, and who shattered others, due to texting and driving.
“It’s a gift to have them here so the students can learn for themselves, to think about how their decisions can make such an impact on themselves and others,” said Principal Gregory Reichert.
“People think their lives are on them (phones), that they need to text, but in reality they don’t,” said student Brooke B. “They need to focus on the road and people.”
“They’re working or busy, going some where – they should be driving instead of texting,” said classmate Andrea Gonzalvo.
– Phil Custodio