LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A call for coverage of new restaurants

Dear Editor,
I am a junior at Clarkston High School and have lived in Clarkston all my life. I am curious if there have been any articles written in The Clarkston News about the new restaurants in the area, Woodshop, Honcho’s, Hill top, etc.?
I’m interested in finding out what kind of crowds these new restaurants are bringing into the town, as compared to a few years back.
Are these places bringing people from different areas or are the customers primarily from the local area? Has there been a noticeable economic change to the other area businesses due to these newer restaurants?
I’ve noticed an increase in foot traffic in town and am encouraged by that.
If you have any articles on this topic, I would appreciate it if you could share those with me, and if there are not, I would suggest this might be a good topic for one of your staff writers to explore.
Thank you very much for your contribution to our community and for any feedback you can give me.
Alec Vinstra
Editor’s note: As Clarkston’s newspaper of record since 1929, we have published articles on the restaurants. We hope you and your family subscribe! Anyway, the restaurants attract many from all over the area, which is driving much of the parking issue lately. Many consider it a good problem to have, with the increased economic activity.

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