LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A call to talk to settlers’ descendents

Dear Editor,
This is a call to all descendants who live in Clarkston, Independence Township, and Springfield Township, who can trace their family’s residence in this area back at least 100 years, whether directly or indirectly!
The Clarkston News is writing an article about a “descendant” family in each of their monthly issues which go to all residents of this area (second edition of every month).
Perhaps, you saw the first one about the Bailey family in November. Stories about the Haight/Hawley, Maybee, Robertson, Slater/Fielding/Radoye/Hadden, and two different Miller families will appear in future articles.
We know that there are more of you out there, so, please let us know so that we can recognize your family’s contribution to the heritage of this area. You may contact me at: tkstone@aol.com.
Please help us honor the character of our community with a story about your family.
Thank you.
Tom Stone
PS, are you related to one of the following ancestral families: Hoyt, King, Terry, Walter, or Walters? If so, please contact me.