Letter to Editor: Shout out to small town caring

Dear Editor,
I wanted to share some good news during this difficult times we are all facing.
I was having difficulty with the technology of online shopping at Neiman’s Family Market. I called to request ordering from a list since I couldn’t get through online.
They were so gracious and not only did my shopping (it was ready a few hours later) they wouldn’t even accept a tip when I went to pick it up. I wrote them an email thank you but that kind of service is only found in a small town venue.

The next day, when I was out walking, I realized my walking shoes needed replacing. I thought I would have to order from Amazon, but a friend suggested I call. Not only was Paul, the owner of Running Gear, there, but he had my shoes in stock and safely delivered them to my front porch that afternoon. I was so thrilled with his kindness I wanted to give him a shout out too!  Paul has been in business here for over 40 years, but this kind of service is above and beyond.

In these chaotic times, it is refreshing to hear about business people who are so caring. Thank you Paul and Kim!  You’re the best!

Sher Butzine
Clarkston resident

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