Letter to the Editor: A love letter to the city of Clarkston

Dear Editor,

I was inspired to write this letter because of the “negative” tone of the last newspaper.
I have lived in Clarkston for 40 years and have seen many changes come and go to “our town” of Clarkston.  I love the vitality and vibrancy of the current Clarkston, both before and during the pandemic and DO NOT want that to change.
This is such a great place to live!
I want to thank the current restaurant owners, store owners, mayor, manager and council members for all you do to contribute to making this town great.
Thank you also to the Clarkston Garden Club who maintain the planters in town, and the Optimists, Rotary and Lions clubs who have helped with the parades in the past (such fun).
Sure, the tent in town isn’t beautiful, and the street closing might be inconvenient for some, but trying to keep restaurants alive and people employed surely has to be more important right now. Besides, it is only temporary.
I worked for the Clarkston schools for 25 years and know that Clarkston Community Schools is trying to do what is best for their employees and students and keep them safe. That is not easy or cheap. I work part-time at the Clarkston Independence District Library and watch good people trying to find ways to get books and programs to the people of this area, safely.
This is such a frustrating and challenging time, but people are trying to do their best. Each week brings a different challenge. Let’s just try to work together and also support our local businesses.
I guess this is just a love letter to Clarkston and all the good people that make it great, including The Clarkston News for publishing all the local news.
I especially love reading about the youth of this area! That’s our future!
Happy Holidays!
To a better 2021!

Linda Walker

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