Letter to the Editor: Blessed to call C-Town home

Dear Editor,

The Clarkston Foundation would like to share a heartfelt thank you to the administrators, teachers, staff and students who continue to make Clarkston Schools a learning environment that proves a “community” can overcome challenges and adapt to a higher level of achievement when everyone works together.
Let’s continue to focus on being thankful for what we can accomplish while helping one another reach for results through positive thinking to pursue unexplainable excellence in 2021.
As members of our community, we applaud administrators for their leadership, teachers for their determination, staff for their dedication and students for their “can do” attitude.
We encourage everyone to remember how blessed we are to call Clarkston home.

Clarkston Foundation Board Members Jim Evans, Bruce Mercado, Dave Coin, Bart Roeser, Jim Tedder, Courtney Leh Eastman, Tyler Sajan, Jimmy Johnson, Matt Evans, Anne Moshier, Heidi McClain, Nancy Mahoney, Janalee Grainer

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