Letter to the Editor: Clarkston is changing, but its future is now in our hands

Dear Editor,

Destination – Village of Clarkston, where there is a pharmacy, hardware store, post office, food market, shoe store/repair, bookstore, gas station, bank, flower shop, beauty shop, yarn shop, antique shop, jeweler, music conservatory, travel agency, doctor’s office, two newspapers, restaurant, local police, AND MORE.
Wait, this is not the village of today – it is the story of decades ago, when the residents walked the mature and tree canopied streets on safe sidewalks to the downtown to use the services they needed. But not any more!
The village has changed. The questions are: For the better? Destination for whom? At what cost and to whom?
Are decisions being made for the village done by us as residents or by a select few “officials?”
Soon, Clarkston residents will have the opportunity to decide/vote about who will lead it, toward what ends, and at what cost.
Our future is in our hands.
Will we get the accurate answers to our questions so that we can decide? It may depend on whom we ask.

Tom Stone

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