Letter to the Editor: Confidently voting for Moreau

Dear Editor,

To our Springfield Township neighbors:
We have known Laura Moreau for several years through community action groups and Dave’s role as Springfield Township Trustee and Planning Commissioner.
We can confidently recommend her for the position of Springfield Township Supervisor.
Laura excels at identifying opportunities, analyzing issues and taking the lead to implement changes.
Laura is committed to our community including safety, natural resources and recreational experiences.
Laura actively participates in efforts to support these goals in a fiscally responsible manner.
Laura was a member of the committee to promote the renewal of the existing fire millage and pass an additional millage for fire and rescue services.
The passage of these millages resulted in increased staffing, new equipment and fire stations, and an improved ISO rating that can lower residential insurance rates.
The natural resources within Springfield Township are among the rarest in the United States, and Laura has worked with various citizen groups to encourage balanced protection with public access to these preserves and natural areas for residents to enjoy.
In addition, Laura advocates for other forms of recreation and served on the committee to dedicate funding and continued installation of pathways to link residential areas to parks and other developments.
Laura is dedicated to ongoing communication with Springfield Township residents and co-led the township website re-design and enhanced online services.
She is knowledgeable in state and federal election laws and kept pace with regulatory changes while implementing technology updates and ensuring safe voting locations.
Laura is approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to governing well and serving the residents of Springfield Township.
Please vote on August 4 for Laura, the candidate with the experience and qualities to best fill the position of Springfield Township Supervisor.

Dave and Diana Hopper
Springfield Township

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