Letter to the Editor: Congressional district puppets

Dear Editor,

The primary job of a U.S. representative is to represent his/her constituents – ALL her constituents.
Rep. Elissa Slotkin seems to have forgotten that basic duty. She claims to be “bipartisan,” but let’s look at the facts.
1. Since her time in the House of Representatives, Rep. Slotkin has voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 96% of the time. Pelosi’s favorability in the 8th District is underwater by 25%.
2. She has voted with the most radical socialist wing of the democrat party, represented by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), 89% of the time.
3. Rep. Slotkin’s own website confirms she voted for the $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill, without anyone, including her, knowing what is in it. As of the date of this writing, it is still “a work in progress.”
4. Rep. Slotkin has voted to federalize elections, and impeach President Donald Trump twice, with no evidence and without success.
5. She has not been to the border, nor has she ever addressed the crisis there on her website or in any Town Hall that I can find.
6. She has never acknowledged the debacle that is the Afghanistan “withdrawal” which left Americans and green card holders behind along with $86 billion of highly sophisticated and sensitive military equipment and aircraft. To this day, her administration cannot tell the American people how many Americans and green card holders are still there – or how many have been sacrificed to the Taliban. Nor are they trying to help – they are actively obstructing ex-military and their financial supporters who are trying to get these people out (“The Pineapple Express”).
7. Her “State of the District” address is not even available on her website – you have to log in to Facebook to see it – which I refuse to do.
8. And finally, she has never addressed her voting record. The 2020 General Election shows that of the 117,112 votes cast, 86,942 voted against her – over 48%. Her victory by two points is hardly a “mandate.” Her “lock-step voting record” with Pelosi and AOC is hardly “bipartisan.” And, by the way, almost half the 8th District still believes that the 2020 Election was flawed.
So Rep. Slotkin should consider these facts when she comes before us a year from now to ask for our vote. She has NOT been honest with we, the people – HER constituents.
We demand more transparency and accountability for the disaster, corruption and incompetence her administration has caused in just 11 short months.
She should, and I believe will, be soundly defeated in November 2022 along with most – if not all – of her associates.

Captain Leon Preston Brooks, Jr.
United States Navy (ret)

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