Letter to the Editor: Defending the city’s Historic District Commission

Dear Editor,

Peg Roth’s recent letter to The Clarkston News (“Has Clarkston’s Historic District Commission gone way too far this time?” October 6, 2021) made broad-based, sweeping accusations without giving details or facts.
The writer took umbridge with Historic District Commission stating the commission disrespects residents if they do not agree with their opinion. I personally attended a meeting and saw for myself how patient commission members behaved while they were being berated and disrespected by residents. The fact is, the Historic District Commission makes decisions on facts and national standards dictated by the Department of Interior and by our local HDC ordinance.
A problem arises when residents specifically try to work the system backwards. Instead of working the process, filing an application, plans and requesting a meeting, they do the project first and then ask for approval. They request a watering down of the standards based on personal opinion rather than fact.
Although some might say this the perfect way to simply get your own way, this philosophy smacks in the face of other residents who go through proper channels.
As caretakers of historic homes, owners embrace our sense of community and the greater good. They respect their neighbors by recognizing individual commitment and passion for preservation and keeping our prestigious HD intact.

Carol Eberhardt
Historic District resident

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