Letter to the Editor: Extremely thankful

A special thanks to the Clarkston High School National Honor Society and their members and advisors.
The Lakeview Cemetery Restoration Project is in its third year of cleaning and restoring the historic portion of the cemetery. Each Tombstone Cleaning Day during the school year (second Saturday of the month), National Honor Society students have been there to wash gravestones.
They are enthusiastic, energetic, and interested in what they are doing. A cemetery for a teenager is not a place they usually visit, but when talking to them about history and the women who died young in childbirth, or the little kids that were buried with small gravestones or the markers for the Civil War soldiers, the students have been respectful and thoughtful when discussing it.
In September, 15 students came out to clean. As a resident, I am very proud of the students who demonstrated their commitment to community projects and as a community, I hope you, too, are proud of our youth and their willingness to make Clarkston and Independence Township a better place.
Joette Kunse
Independence Township

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