Letter to the Editor: Garden Walk thanks, recognition

Dear Editor,

Once again, the Clarkston Farm and Garden Club needs to shout out a very big THANK YOU to our amazing community!
Last Wednesday, July 21, we held our 15th Annual Clarkston Garden Walk, and the attendance was record breaking! Nearly 700 people visited our city and toured the gardens that our six homeowners graciously agreed to share with everyone.
Plus, we were thrilled the Garden Club was able to bring that many people into town to take advantage of so many of our local restaurants for lunch and dinner!
With the exception of some logistics challenges (we’ve never had more than 450 people tour the gardens), everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day.
To the people who waited patiently in line at our library to check in and collect their Garden Walk programs and other information, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!
We learned a lot that we will be taking into next year’s event so we can streamline the process for our 16th Annual Garden Walk.
We truly appreciate the kindness and understanding everyone showed to us.
Thank you, Clarkston! This generous community made this year’s Garden Walk a huge success.

Diane Putvin
Clarkston Farm and Garden Club

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