Letter to the Editor: Gratitude from a local business owner

Dear Editor,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank the Clarkston community. 
As we are all navigating through the current health and economic climate, it amazes me how the area has come together to support our local businesses. 
Being an independent pizza shop, in its first year of business, we have faced many challenges, but none more challenging than the COVID crisis.  
Our customer base, as well as the new customers, have been extremely supportive of our business and also have been taking good care of my staff with gratuities. 
In turn, we are also paying it forward by supporting our frontline workers, as well as frequenting other local businesses. 
If we all stick together, we can make sure to keep the doors open of our beloved “community” businesses. 
As a local resident, and not just a business owner, I want to thank Clarkston from the bottom of my heart for the support! 
Steve Templin
Owner, Krave Pizzeria of Clarkston

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