Letter to the Editor: Hoping our township does what is right

Dear Editor, 

After attending the Independence Township Board of Trustees meeting on October 5, we are very disappointed.
The voters elected the trustees to serve the best interests of the township but it’s clear that some members of the board are more interested in their own political futures than in what’s best for the Township.
The board has been presented with two highly qualified candidates to replace Pat Kittle as supervisor, Mr. Dale Stuart and Mr. Gerald Fisher. Both of these candidates have a wealth of experience with the township and with municipal government and the appointment of either one would not create a vacancy on the board.
We encourage the board to do what we elected them to do. Stop the infighting, pick one of these two gentlemen for supervisor, and avoid the expense of a special election, estimated to be $50.000.

Arnie and Rae Luallen
Independence Township

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