Letter to the Editor: Inconsiderate diners should just stay home

Dear Editor,

I am truly appalled at what has happened at one of our favorite restaurants, Kruse’s Deer Lake Inn.
We are frequent diners, and we look forward to going out to dinner and don’t mind sitting in a tent, which Kruse had made very comfortable.
We were there on Tuesday, January 5, and were told that they had to remove three sides of the tent.
The health department had been called by one of their customers complaining that they smelled emissions from the heaters.
We never smelled any kind of odor and if these people felt uncomfortable, they should have used carry-out.
These complainers have ruined outdoor dining for the rest of us as well as cutting into Kruse’s dining business.
It is difficult enough for restaurants and their employees to make ends meet and then you have grumblers who are not considering the ramifications they are causing.
Such inconsiderate people should just stay home.
Wishing them a Happy New Year.

Maria E. Saunders

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