Letter to the Editor: It’s disappointing to see our governor slamming the feds

Dear Editor,
When we see our governor attacking our president for not having supplies, beds, ventilators, etc. in this state we have to ask why no one has pointed out that it’s the states CON law that is at fault for the shortages?  Our governor knows that through the CON law it’s the states responsibility to determine how many hospitals, beds, ventilators, MRI, CT machines, etc. that are in this state, and is not the federal governments fault or responsibility in any way.
That being said.  We’re not fans of the proposed hospital on Sashabaw Rd., however we strongly believe that a free market at the local level is a better determiner of “need” then the state could ever be.  For proof of state incompetence we need not look any further then our states CON laws that is responsible for the shortages we see today.  Our state CON law is a fatally flawed, antiquated law that hasn’t accomplished a single thing that we were promised it would since it’s inception.  Yet we’ve heard nary a word from our governor, or our state representatives accepting the blame for the results of the poor decisions they made using this bad law!
Knowing this, It’s disappointing to see our governor slamming the feds for something she knows is the state’s responsibility.  We have a fatally flawed law that the governor and the state legislature could easily strike from the books permanently today, yet all of the evidence that shows the fatal consequences of this law are being ignored by all.  Why?
Today we’re seeing the effects of a bad law that should have been eliminated altogether years ago.  Yet here we are today, no one at any level of government is pointing this out, no one is taking the blame, and no one is demanding change.  This is unacceptable.   If ever there was a time for citizens to demand that our government give up the decision making power that they have so poorly managed with the state CON law it is now.
A study was done five years ago that exposed the fatal flaws with Michigan’s CON laws, yet nothing was done to address this fatally flawed law.  It’s time to put the blame where it belongs. Michigan’s CON law is 100% responsible for the healthcare shortages we’re witnessing today.  The time to eliminate this bad law is now! – Certificate-of-Need Laws: Implications for Michigan
Michael and Lori Powell
Independence Twp.

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