Letter to the Editor: Looking for city issue resolutions

Dear Editor,

What do collapsing Miami condos and a Pittsburgh bridge have to do with the Clarkston Road storm water pollution? Everything!
All are glaring examples of denying the existence of a problem and avoiding it for decades, for a variety of reasons, including cost.
Now, we have received an apparently thorough explanation of the city’s approach to the problem. There is acknowledgement of a problem and its complexity, the significance of its importance, recognition of the cost, and the need for a comprehensive plan, but with a decision to defer dealing with the pollution to a future date.
The city’s mayor has said, “Personally, I think your (Jonathan Smith) solution is great, buying us some time, at no cost to the city.”  And, yet, the pollution plume has not been measured in five years, and we have been given undocumented information which is not in any City Council minutes or records.
Will this take another 30 years, and at what “cost” to those who are or might become city and township residents living on Parke Lake?

Tom Stone

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