Letter to the Editor: Looking for interest in local recycling

Dear Editor,

Is there any public interest in having improved recycling to extend the life of our few remaining landfills?
Are local communities interested in combining their purchasing power to possibly reduce waste management fees?
A total of 12 municipalities in South Oakland County have joined forces since the early 1950s to operate SOCRRA, a recycling and waste management corporation.
Another nine communities in Southwest Oakland County have formed RRRASOC to provide these critical services.
There are numerous other similar groups in Michigan like the Washtenaw Regional Management Authority (WRRMA) and the Mid-Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA).
Why not something similar in Independence Township and other communities in North Oakland County?
Some of these organizations operate recycling centers while others coordinate efforts negotiate better rates for their waste disposal programs.
Taxpayers and the environment are the potential winners.
The David W. Elliott Memorial Foundation is seeking input from citizens and municipal officials regarding the possibility of creating an entity like SOCRRA, RRRASOC or the authorities in Washtenaw County and Mid-Michigan.
Funds to conduct a feasibility study for this project could be available through a grant from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy.
Anyone interested in protecting the environment, reducing deposits to landfills and obtaining lower waste disposal fees is encouraged to contact me at henry@WolosonLegal.com.

Henry S. Woloson
Independence Township

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