Letter to the Editor: Looking for the sun in Clarkston

Dear Editor,

I almost missed it this year but last week was Sunshine Week, where those who work for open and transparent government are celebrated, or at least considered.
In the City of the Village of Clarkston, there continues to be a city website with old information, or no information at all. Charter provisions for making council resolutions available to the public continue to be ignored. Only city council meetings are broadcast live with online participation but no way to know how long that will last. All other meetings are not recorded and no way to participate other than attending.
You would think the last two years would have taught them that there may be better ways of doing things.
Meeting minutes may meet the minimum requirements under the law but do little to inform the public about why anything is being done. The agenda rules for public comment change with no official action by the city council and other governing commission even though it is the responsibility of the city council to do this and do it at a meeting open to the public.
I no longer live in the Village of Clarkston, but I still don’t see the elected council members doing anything to inform, engage, involve, represent, and serve the public.
The mayor only seems able to talk about what may have happened a hundred years ago, versus what is happening now. It does seem that all of this may be fine with many that live there.
I, however, will continue to celebrate local newspapers like the Clarkston News, and local residents like Chet Pardee and Susan Bisio who try to better inform the public by shining a little sun on everyone.

Cory Johnston
Lake Orion

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