Letter to the Editor: Meisner’s comments ‘despicable’

Dear Editor,
Just read the the despicable comments that Andy Meisner made (Clarkston News, June 24), calling Brooks Patterson “a racist, misogynist, and xenophobe.”
These are the go-to words the D.C. Democrats use against Republicans constantly, and Mr. Meisner seems to be right on board with these sorts of insults.
If he thinks he’s going to secure votes from Oakland Country residents for his ugly rhetoric, he needs to think again. He has not only offended Mary, Brooks’ daughter, but he has also offended me and I would guess many others in Oakland County.
Identity politics are not welcome here. We expect that you will represent ALL people in a respectful, intelligent manner.You have proved that is not your goal.
You won’t get my vote, and I suspect you have lost many more by your outrageous, cowardly commentary about a deceased man who for years devoted his position as Oakland County Executive to making this area one that prospered and functioned well for all people.

Pat Couture

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