Letter to the Editor: Moraco is our choice

Dear Editor,

STOP: Think about why you moved to Independence Township. Was it for the promise of a quiet bedroom community, the lack of traffic snarls, large lots and open spaces, no big box stores and maybe a certain ambiance not found elsewhere? All of these and many more were considered over the years in the development and updating of the master plan.
It is a commitment to the residents. Sam Moraco has spent many years on the Independence Township Planning Commission defending the master plan. Also, in his daily life, he has remained committed to preserving the promises of the master plan.
LOOK: Is your township still the place you dreamed of when you came or when you grew up here? Are the officials preserving the way of life you think should be here? Sam Moraco has been there fighting for keeping Independence Township different than the cities and areas on I-75 south of here with signage, traffic control, historical preservation, and the ambiance you desire. Sam is trained as a citizen planner. He works for you each month on the planning commission holding back the big city developers.
As a former township official, I worked with Sam for many years and recognized his ability to keep each application for development in perspective with community standards. He is the gatekeeper!
LISTEN: It is easy to see years of diligence slip away if we are not careful. Elect Sam Moraco with his voice of reason, his experience and his commitment to keeping Independence Township exceptional.
Vote for Sam Moraco, Independence Township Trustee, on August 4.

Delbert and Joan McCrary
Nokomis, Fla.

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