Letter to the Editor: Moreau has my vote

Dear Editor,

Over the past 12 years, since first elected Springfield Township Clerk and Board member, Laura Moreau has served our community with vision and professionalism.
Whether managing the growing complexities of the Clerk’s Office, teaming with Board colleagues to effectively manage the Township budget, spearheading initiatives like the Township’s Strategic Plan or Dixie Highway Design Guidelines, or working to conserve our Township’s amazing natural resources, Laura has performed with distinction and in a highly transparent manner.
Laura Moreau is now running for Springfield Township Supervisor in the upcoming August 4 Primary – a position for which she is highly qualified, and, I believe, poised to become one of our finest Supervisors EVER.
As a longtime resident of Springfield Township who served 20 years (1988-2008) on the township board (including 16 years as its elected clerk), I understand and appreciate the vision, commitment and REALLY hard work that it takes to both sustain and enhance Springfield’s unique assets and quality of life. With Laura Moreau as our supervisor, I know that our future will be in good hands.
She has my vote on August 4, and I hope the vote of all those who understand and appreciate what it takes to keep Springfield Township special.

Nancy Strole

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