Letter to the Editor: Moreau is the only choice for supervisor

Dear Editor,

The choice for Springfield Township Supervisor was an easy one for me.
David Smith, no thanks. His only “qualification” is that his family has lived in Springfield Township since 1837.
Kevin Sclesky, no thanks. I have concerns about his ability to represent ALL Springfield Township residents fairly. While president of the home owners association of Bridge Valley Bluffs subdivision, he worked diligently but unsuccessfully to get Oakland County to abandon the end portion of Bridge Lake Road. Despite this unsuccessful attempt, an illegally installed gate across the last few hundred yards of Bridge Lake Road blocks access to the lake. Kevin denies any direct knowledge of this gate.
I spoke to Jienelle Alvarado, an attorney for the Oakland County Road Commission. She stated that no one has a right to restrict access to Bridge Lake Road.
She stated that the road is not abandoned. It remains to be seen who will be responsible to remove the illegal gate and resume public access to Bridge Lake. The current township supervisor has not made it happen so far.
The end of Bridge Lake Road terminates at Bridge Lake. It is where my kids used to go frog catching and fishing while growing up, and I hope to be able to take my grandchildren to this spot, if we can get past the gate. This gate also serves as the access point for HOA members to reach their subdivision park.
They can have their private park – just don’t block the rest of us from our right to access the water.
This heavy-handed illegal reach of authority may be an indicator of biases towards special interest groups, certainly not a quality I’m looking for in a new Springfield Township Supervisor.
Laura Moreau, YES! She has been our Springfield Township Clerk for 12 years and is endorsed by long-serving members of Springfield Township.
Trustees have stated “Her work has demonstrated her complete passion, dedication, and commitment to making Springfield Township a great place to live, work, and play.”

Mary and Steve Williams
Springfield Township

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