Letter to the Editor: Nix the trash on Holcomb Road

Dear Editor,

Those who reside on or in the vicinity of Holcomb Road in both Independence and Springfield townships are fortunate to live in an area of great natural beauty.
It is a privilege to be a resident of that area.
Unfortunately, there are a number of homeowners directly on Holcomb Road who choose not to uphold this privilege, and ironically, some of these residents have the grandest homes. Often, garbage cans are taken out well before scheduled pickup, without lids on the cans, and without recycling being bagged. These residents’ garbage and recycling then gets blown all over Holcomb Road into the beautiful wetlands and woods that should be protected from such trash.
To make matters worse, when these residents finally take their cans in, often days after the trash pickup day, they don’t even bother to pick up the garbage that has accumulated right on their driveways, in their culverts, along their long pieces of beautiful property, nor that which has blown across the street from their driveways into natural areas.
Additionally, they don’t bother to pick up the accumulated pink bags of advertising that get dropped off on their driveway, even after weeks of those accumulating. They leave advertising signs up for weeks (for services they have apparently received), not bothering to take those down.
It is difficult to understand why a person would financially invest into the area of Holcomb Road, where property prices correlate to the beautiful environment, but once having invested, do everything possible to lower their property value.
Sadly, they so obviously also show zero respect for their neighbors, nature nor community.

McGregor Jones
Independence Township

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