Letter to the Editor: No to county millage

On the Nov. 8 ballot, you will be asked to vote on the Oakland County Public Transportation Millage.
Let me share the information that is on the ballot: Property owners will be levied at .95 mils per $1000, of assessed taxable value, which means $1.8 million of township money will go into this millage. Oakland County will generate approximately $66 million every year over the next 10 years.
What the county has not told us about this millage is how money will be dispersed. Of the $1.8 million of Independence Township taxpayer dollars, there is no plan in place to as what, where, when, and how services will be provided or if they will be expanded. There is no infrastructure plan in place and where did the county come up with this dollar amount?
Do you know the township currently has transportation service for seniors and disabled adults that operates within Independence, Springfield, and the Village of Clarkston? Door-to-door rides to doctor’s appointments, employment, two area hospitals, shopping, banking, dialysis, the library, social engagements, and variety of other destinations is available for a suggested $3 donation each way.
Doesn’t it make more sense that our money be kept locally, and the services provided directly benefit our community members?
I am asking you to please vote NO on this proposal.
Sue Shubert
Independence Township

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