Letter to the Editor: Paying for dirt roads

Dear Editor,
(In response to last week’s story “$50,000 for gravel roads,” Trustee David) Lohmeier seems to be the only board member who’s looking out for ALL taxpayers on this issue, rather then the few who live on these roads who will benefit from money taken from township residents under the guise it would be used for the purpose for which it was collected.
While the RCOC is wasting our money on round-a-bouts, smart camera systems, four sets of lights at every intersection, “micro-paving” that lasts five years, “No turn on Red” signs at almost every intersection, etc., the RCOC has let everything else fall apart, so now we’re picking up the cost for the RCOC’s incompetence? Ridiculous!
But, then this is coming from the same group of elected officers who supported the recent 81% library tax increase proposal they claimed the library “had to have” or they would be forced to close the library. And since the passage of the massive 81% tax increase we’ve seen them approve raises for themselves, and now they’re using our “surplus” tax dollars on gravel for roads?
How about returning OUR money back to taxpayers rather then using it for items for which it wasn’t collected for?
The more this board claims to be saving taxpayers money, the more of it they spend.
Michael Powell
Independence Township