Letter to the Editor: Question the candidates

David Meyer urges support for candidates Amanda Love and Christy Giampetroni as new school board members. He says that they will ensure greater board transparency and appropriate reading materials for students, with masking and vaccination choice for all.
I believe voters should more carefully consider all board candidates, and reject Meyers’ choices in favor of our excellent incumbents. While promising greater, transparency, the group advocating for Giampetroni and Love operates in obscurity from the community at large.
These candidates and their politically obsessed supporters offer complaints and promises, but little specific public information about their plans. They promise new programs for all, with no explanation about how new resources will be procured and used. They say students will have masking and vaccination options, and in-person learning, etc., but offer no evidence that their free-for-all approach – maintained without regard to expert scientific guidelines – will protect student and community safety. They want improved science education, yet ignore the science that saved millions from COVID death and other loss. They will dictate control over what educational materials will be available to students, and limit free communication on topics they deem inappropriate.
Our children will not be educated as informed critical thinkers, and will be at tremendous disadvantage in competing in a global economy. They will be left behind.
The current school board members have served the community exceptionally well, delivering a successful program that is highly regarded everywhere. Don’t allow any lapse in critical thinking to allow shrill political voices to undermine a great school system.
A six-year mistake on the school board will result in lifetime damage to our kids. Demand specific plans and specific answers before making a choice.
Mike Fetzer

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