Letter to the Editor: Resident frustrated with Secretary of State

Dear Editor,

I recently had to go to the Secretary of State on Sashabaw for a title transfer.
I kept trying to get an early appointment but still ended up being ten days late and paying a $15 late fee.
So I am all for extending or even ending late fees (someone explain why we have to pay late fees).
But I am 100 percent for appointments only. Walk-ins are what caused all the problems before with one- to three-hour waits to get to an agent.
It only took me 20 minutes this time to get to an agent who was courteous and quick. Transferred the title with no problems.
Prior to COVID, I would get to the SOS office 30 minutes before opening with 10-12 people already in front of me.
With 10-20 people after me when the doors opened and then I had to wait 30-45 minutes to see an agent.
Imagine the wait for the 10th or 20th person behind me!
So if Rep. Andrea Schroeder really wants to fix the problem, force the SOS to add more agents to the busiest offices.
And allow insurance companies and dealers to handle some of these transactions like they used to.
And allow more transactions online.
If banks can cash checks with smartphones, why can’t we do title transfers and similar online?

John Benedict

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