Letter to the Editor: Resident in search of vaccine

Dear Editor,

I am amazed that politicians (Biden, Whitmer, Coulter, Duggan, etc.) use announcements on the expansion for vaccine eligibility for political purposes. There are many people in the top two or three tiers that have not been able to receive their vaccine shots.
My wife and I are in our mid-70s and have not been able to schedule a vaccine appointment in spite of checking multiple pharmacies, on the Oakland County vaccine locator, and two hospitals. My wife and I will probably have to get in line behind 20-year-olds now that the list is being expanded to all over 18. Eligibility should be based on availability of doses (“follow the science,” which says you cannot use vaccines that are not available).
Politicians should ensure that the higher priority individuals receive the vaccine before they go for political glory.

Tom Breneiser

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