Letter to the Editor: Shedding more light on Fort Clarkston

Dear Editor,

I understand why Ashley and Bryan Klein feel they have been treated badly in the manner in which they say Fort Clarkston virtually ignored their request to return their $150 deposit for family fun after Fort Clarkston owner Pam Rush ceased operations in March.
Rush lamented the lack of sympathy shown to her and three other Fort Clarkston owners for the owners’ business losses, suggesting that the “small” losses of the Kleins and other customers who lost payments and deposits for services they did not receive were less significant in comparison.
Ms. Rush declined to name to The Clarkston News the other three Fort Clarkston owners, and emphasized that Fort Clarkston had nothing to do with another family business, Holly Powersports, that Ms. Rush helps to operate with her husband Al further north on Dixie Highway, next to Rush RV.
But an August 2016 article in Prosper Magazine indicates that the ownership of Fort Clarkston was shared by Pam Rush and her husband Al.
The article goes on to identify Pam’s daughter, Holly Waxler, and Holly’s husband, Dana, as Fort Clarkston co- owners.
So it seems that some aspects of business ownership present at least a smidgen of appearance of commonality among the businesses, even if there is paper or official separation. I think these are relevant factors for Fort Clarkston clients to know as they assess their options in possibly pursuing recovery of lost deposits or payments.
If this information is not accurate, Ms. Rush and/or other owners can clarify with more specific information for consumers.
It is regrettable that inept government handling of the COVID crisis caused loss to any business, but an Aug. 27, 2020, article in a local newspaper suggested Holly Powersports was doing well and was poised for expansion in the near future.
That is very good news.
Even without knowing whether any government COVID relief funds helped facilitate these operations, it seems that consumers at the owners’ other now-closed Fort Clarkston business down the street should not be ignored or forgotten.
It would seem helpful to curry their favor to help facilitate continued goodwill and possibly more business from their families and them for the owners’ ongoing sports and recreation businesses.

Mike Fetzer

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