Letter to the Editor: Smith a benefit to Springfield

Dear Editor,

While we enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer, the August 4 primary election draws near.
I’d like to recommend David Smith for the Springfield Township Supervisor position.
David is uniquely qualified for this position. He’s lived in the area all his life, and has the farm/agriculture background that will represent so many of our shared values and ideals. David has the skills to meet the needs of Springfield Township residents in the coming years so as to enjoy continued growth, success and prosperity in the Springfield Township community he holds dear.
With a background in civil engineering and construction management, his leadership ability lends itself to gather the support and cooperation required to move forward, while maintaining the integrity of the community as a whole.
David Smith is open-minded, honest, trustworthy, competent and his leadership ability will be a benefit to the people of Springfield Township.
Please vote for David Smith on August 4!

Cathy Field

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