Letter to the Editor: Smith can count on my vote on August 4

Dear Editor,

I have known David Smith all of his life.
I watched him develop and grow into the leader he is today.
His journey started very early in his life, between his parents and his grandfather who owned a beef, dairy and crop farm in Springfield Township since 1837.
David learned responsibility, discipline, and a strong work ethic.
He understands and knows how to manage money and continues to look to the future to achieve his goals.
He is a graduate from Michigan Tech University with a degree in Civil Engineering.
During his college summers, he worked for large-scale road builders and soon became a supervisor because of his ability to run all of the heavy equipment, organize a project efficiently, and the ability to bring the project under budget and on time.
David will make an outstanding supervisor for Springfield Township.
His training and leadership skills will be a positive impact for all of the residents of Springfield Township.
David Smith is the right choice, so make sure you vote on August 4, 2020.

Jimmy Wiess
Grand Blanc

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