Letter to the Editor: Snow, leaves blocking driveway

Letter to the Editor: Snow, leaves blocking driveway

Dear Editor,

My wife and I have lived on Tiohero Boulevard in the Thendara Park subdivision since 1979.
The issue is this: There is a problem with road snow removal. When the snowplow comes and clears the road, the snow gets deposited in my driveway as high as three feet. This has been going on for at least five years. Every time this happened, I would shovel myself out (I was younger and in better health).
Then, last Sunday morning (Nov. 28), I looked out the window and was horrified what I saw (snow and leaves piled at the end of my driveway). Monday morning, I went to Independence Township Hall and explained my problem. I was told to contact Doug MacAlpine (he is the Thendara Park snowplow contact). I called his house and his cell phone and left a message. Late afternoon, Doug’s wife Karen called and told me that nothing could be done.
I am 78 years old, and I have health problems (seven stents for the heart, cancer five years ago and in remission, balance problems and many falls with ER visits numerous times.) Having a blocked driveway is very dangerous because in case of an emergency, we cannot leave the house or have ambulance access.
Karen MacAlpine told me the problem is with my neighbors on both sides blowing leaves on the road and the snowplow guy has no control over this, and I should talk to both neighbors not to do this. This is not my job. The homeowners’ association should do this.
In my opinion, this is a dangerous situation to block people’s driveway for senior/disabled citizens.

Bruno Srugis
Independence Township

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