Letter to the Editor: Stamp of approval for trustee candidate

Dear Editor,
I was born and raised in the Clarkston community and am very proud of that.
I love our small town.
I love walking down Main Street and through Depot Park whenever I get the chance.
As a Clarkston graduate and longtime employee of two Clarkston businesses, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many Clarkston residents and families, including the Moraco family.
Two years ago, I became a member of Preservation Clarkston after seeing some of the group’s posts on social media.
I have a degree in history and a love for the town I was raised in. This group seemed to combine my two interests.
Since then, I have gotten to know Sam Moraco, the president of Preservation Clarkston.
He and I, as well as the other members of our group, share a similar vision – keeping our town of Clarkston a small town, for future generations to enjoy and be proud to be apart of.
Further, his collaboration with the school district’s Construction Tech program to help save historic buildings in our community is truly amazing, and I believe something that is incredibly beneficial to this community.
With that, I support his campaign in running for Independence Township trustee.

Hanna Parker
Waterford, formerly of Clarkston

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